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U.S. Manufacturing Continues as World Leader

Suppliers Positive, Again, per OESA Survey
The latest Research Briefing from Oxford Economics claims that the U.S. manufacturing sector is “the most competitive worldwide.” Pretty strong statement there. Reading the news (or here, or here, or here, etc.), one would find it hard to believe, so let’s dive deeper.… Continue reading this entry

Suppliers Positive, Again, per OESA Survey

OESA recently released its Automotive Supplier Barometer for May 2014, Focus on Production, Technology, Globalization. Suppliers continue to hum along in their positive attitudes, sending OESA’s May Supplier Sentiment Index (SSI) to 59, a light increase from that of 56 in March 2014. In fact, the SSI has been on the positive side of the spectrum … Continue reading this entry

U.S. Manufacturing on the Rise

It seems almost every day another company announces that it is increasing its manufacturing activity in the U.S. A recent report by Boston Consulting Group, discussed in this article cites moves by foreign automobile, motorcycle and aircraft manufacturers to increase their manufacturing in the U.S. Reasons cited for the increase in U.S. manufacturing include low … Continue reading this entry

When Outsourcing Manufacturing Can be a Patent Killer

In recent decades, companies seeking to reduce manufacturing costs and improve profit margins have increasingly employed contract manufacturing – that is, the outsourcing of partial or complete manufacturing of products to third party producers, particularly those in countries with lower labor costs such as China, India, and the like. More recently, next generation manufacturers have … Continue reading this entry