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Malcolm Gladwell Re-Thinks Automotive Safety in "The New Yorker"

OSHA Turns Its Sights on Auto Suppliers
Recent high-profile product liability lawsuits against automotive manufacturers have captured national attention. These cases have led to a renewed and heightened focus on automotive safety and, specifically, the guidelines and procedures used by automotive manufactures to determine whether to initiate a recall.… Continue reading this entry

Privileges Can Help Manufacturers in Product Liability Litigation, but Beware

U.S. Supreme Court Expands Scope of Whistleblower Protections
This blog’s earlier post, “Protect Your Safety Investigations and Deliberations From Prying Eyes,” highlighted the three privileges that are useful for Safety Teams – self-critical analysis privilege (or self-evaluation privilege), attorney-client privilege, and work product doctrine. These three privileges can help a manufacturer protect its information regarding product safety analysis when dealing with product liability … Continue reading this entry

Before Driverless Cars, Questions

Drive Forward: The Future of Telematics
Although it is unclear when autonomous vehicles will be hitting the roads, what is clear is that this technology is coming. Automakers to suppliers to lawmakers to insurers will want to carefully consider the following issues and their legal implications before consumers take this technology for a spin. Telematics Data Privacy and Security Telematics systems … Continue reading this entry

Protect Your Safety Investigations and Deliberations From Prying Eyes

Every day companies deal with an ongoing safety analysis of their own products. These Safety Teams are routinely interdepartmental. The Safety Teams must consider design changes, manufacturing issues, potential recalls, potential claims or lawsuits and overall consumer safety. Sensitive information is always shared by the Safety Team. Companies believe (or hope) that the process, including any … Continue reading this entry

Stop Product Liability Claims Now!

OSHA Turns Its Sights on Auto Suppliers
More and more recalls mean more and more product liability claims. Even without recalls, for companies in the Automotive Industry product liability claims are a way of life. So, what do you do to prevent such claims? Knowing that they are inevitable, what do you do to make sure that their impact is minimized? When thinking of product … Continue reading this entry