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U.S. Manufacturing Continues as World Leader

Suppliers Positive, Again, per OESA Survey
The latest Research Briefing from Oxford Economics claims that the U.S. manufacturing sector is “the most competitive worldwide.” Pretty strong statement there. Reading the news (or here, or here, or here, etc.), one would find it hard to believe, so let’s dive deeper.… Continue reading this entry

Automotive Industry on Track for Most Sales Since 2007

Those tracking sales for Automakers got good news from July. This continues a positive trend that we noted recently (http://www.dashboard-insights.com/2013/06/24/automotive-economic-indicators-show-promise/#more-). Strong sales now project to hit levels not seen since 2007. Many of the statistics have been reported all over, so we thought that we would highlight a few that we here at the Dashboard found most notable: … Continue reading this entry