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Government Contracts: Advantages for Small Business Concerns

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Linda McMahon, former chief executive officer of World Wrestling Entertainment, was confirmed by the Senate on February 14, 2017, to lead the Small Business Administration (SBA). It’s expected her work will revolve around growing jobs. Whether or not she’s able to body slam that task into submission, it is yet to be seen how the … Continue reading this entry

Reduced Risk Through Commercial Item Contracting

Entering into business with the U.S. Government provides companies, including those in the automotive industry, with the opportunity to expand their business base, with tremendous potential. Even with ongoing budget cuts, the U.S. Government continues to spend a significant amount of money each year procuring goods and services. In fact, federal procurement spending on goods and … Continue reading this entry

Expanded Opportunities for Automotive Sales to the Federal Government

U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contracting provides commercial contractors with considerable opportunities to sell their products and services to a wide array of federal government customers, as well as some state and local government agencies, on an expedited and streamlined basis. Indeed, government acquisitions through all of GSA MAS contracts total … Continue reading this entry

Is Your Company a Federal Government Contractor?

Suppliers Get Ready For Your Recalls
Many automotive suppliers do not consider themselves federal government contractors because they only sell goods and services to the major OEMs and not directly to the federal government. However, purchase orders with OEMs or other customers that incorporate by reference Federal Acquisition Regulation (“FAR”) clauses, FAR agency supplemental clauses, or other federal government contracting laws … Continue reading this entry

Best Practices in Drafting U.S. Government Subcontract Terms and Conditions

Federal government subcontracts are a hybrid between commercial contracts governed by state law (such as, for the sale of goods, the Uniform Commercial Code) and government contracts governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and FAR agency supplemental clauses. A “subcontract” is broadly defined in FAR 44.101 as any contract “entered into by a subcontractor to … Continue reading this entry