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EU Seeks to Balance Emissions Controls and Global Competitiveness

Sustainability Reporting Standards for the Automotive Industry
The European Union has placed a growing emphasis on climate change policies in recent years, and the week of June 15–19 marks the 10th annual European Union Sustainable Energy Week focusing on “sustainable mobility,” decarbonisation, and other energy topics. Earlier this year, the European Commission released its Energy Union proposal for the Paris Protocol, calling … Continue reading this entry

Obama’s Climate Plan Won’t Work for Power Plants, Which Could Be Bad News for the Transportation Sector

President Obama’s Climate Plan – which was released earlier this summer – sets as its goal a 17% national greenhouse gas reduction by 2020. The centerpiece of Obama’s plan is to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing power plants, which comprise about a third of this country’s total emissions. But, according to a recent article in … Continue reading this entry