Fewer Diesel Options Available for 2018 Light Duty Vehicles


Consumer options for light duty diesel vehicles are expected to be slimmer next year.   The U.S. Department of Energy and EPA released its preliminary 2018 Fuel Economy Guide, which lists just 11 light duty diesel vehicles, with 21 models from five manufacturers represented.  In contrast, the 2017 guide listed 28 models from eight manufacturers.  This is a sharp drop from 2015, when 32 models from eight manufacturers were listed in the guide.

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Is this the end of the Internal Combustion Engine?

internal combustion engine

Recently, my 16-year-old son jumped into my car to drive it.  It was his first time driving my car.  My car does not have keyless ignition.  He hopped in the driver’s seat, threw the keys into the cup holder and asked “where is the button”?  He quite literally had no idea that some cars require the driver to insert the key in the ignition and turn the key.  In fact, the more that I thought about it, I am pretty sure that in his 16 years of life, he had never inserted a key in a lock and unlocked it.  Everything is a button, a touch pad, an app.  Now, I wonder, will his children ever drive a vehicle with an internal combustion engine.  California is talking about making it more and more unlikely.

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New Ownership Model Accelerates Adoption of Electric Vehicles

While recent innovations in batteries have been driving down the cost of electric vehicles, electric vehicles still initially cost a premium over their gasoline-powered counterparts, even with the assistance of large tax subsidies.  However, the real savings come over time as the electricity required for recharging a vehicle’s battery is less expensive than a tank of gas and fewer moving parts means fewer fluids to replace and less parts undergoing wear and tear.  Even the brakes last longer because regenerative braking from the electric powertrain replaces rotors and brake pads for most braking needs.

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Stout Issues Third Annual Warranty and Recall Report


By Guest Authors: 
Neil Steinkamp and Robert Levine of Stout Risius Ross, LLC

Massive automotive recalls continue to grab headlines and raise concerns industry-wide. Recalls of light vehicles topped 50 million units in 2016, representing the third consecutive year of elevated – and record setting – automotive recall activity. Stout’s third annual Automotive Warranty & Recall Report provides a unique and comprehensive analysis of automotive recall trends, with the inclusion of an unprecedented examination of defect-related domestic and international data that can influence the way original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers prepare for recalls. Continue reading this entry

Auto 2.0 Is More Than Just About the Automobile – From Shuttles to Logistics and More

autonomous vehicles

The introduction of near autonomous vehicles to public roadways is set to completely revolutionize the way humans and goods navigate cityscapes in the coming years. Although Tesla’s autopilot feature has become the early pioneer, the Detroit Three, Google, Apple, Amazon, Uber, Lyft, and other manufacturers and suppliers are quickly making up ground. Meanwhile, in the areas of logistics and public transit, key stakeholders are looking for how the autonomous revolution will impact their business and propel their products and services into the next generation of transportation for goods and humans.

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