The Driverless Future Isn't Disrupting Industries and Jobs… Yet

car vending machine

John Stuart Mill once said that “[e]very great movement must experience three stages: Ridicule, discussion, adoption”. What matters to modern industry stakeholders isn’t how they approach each of these stages, but how actively they evaluate each “great movement” before it becomes a disruption they can’t overcome.

Disruption isn’t some type of sudden event that occurs overnight, but rather, it is a slow chipping and eroding away of the status quo. When this chipping and eroding goes unnoticed, that’s when it has its most destructive potential to existing industries. The defense to disruption isn’t entrenchment in existing ways, but realizing that change is occurring and embracing change and innovation as ways to improve what you already offer customers, stakeholders, and employees.

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Autonomous Vehicle Federal Regulation

Despite last minute efforts to address concerns of various groups who opposed the bill, Members of the 115th Congress ultimately failed to pass the American Vision for Safer Transportation through Advancement of Revolutionary Technologies Act (AV Start Act), before the end of their session on the last week of 2018. The AV Start Act would have created a framework for regulating, testing and deploying automated vehicles, with the goal of ensuring the safety of highly automated vehicles (HAVS).

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As Detroit Auto Show Approaches, Auto Fans Await the Big Reveals


Each year, the Detroit Auto Show includes spectacular “reveals” by automakers- new vehicles, concept cars, and new advances in technology.  This year is shaping up to include some exciting new releases for fans of the next big thing in the auto industry.

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Brexit: Dead ... Ahead?


“Brexit” – the United Kingdom’s (“UK”) 2016 voter referendum to exit the European Union (“EU”) has grown from a nagging itch in many people’s sides to a full-blown feeding frenzy. There is now virtually blow-by-blow news coverage of daily developments. Pundits issue editorial warnings of dire economic consequences ahead (particularly for the UK). Savage political cartoons and even “You Tube” videos of UK and EU leaders prancing and dancing to the beat of Mama Mia are every day fodder.

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