Class Action Reform and the “Fairness in Class Action Act”


While the Congressional legislative agenda has taken a back seat in the headlines lately, the fact remains that there still is an agenda, and it includes class action reform.

The agenda item of interest is H.R. 985, the Fairness in Class Action Litigation and Furthering Asbestos Claim Transparency Act of 2017 (the “Fairness in Class Action Act”) which would also lead to multi-district litigation (MDL) reform. With class actions posing a major threat to corporate bottom lines, and MDLs a large driver of litigation in federal courts (the current MDL listing includes numerous OEMs and suppliers), the automotive industry has a vested interest in how class action and MDL reform plays out.

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Global Ransomware Attack: Preparation is Key


You change the oil in your car to make sure the car’s engine runs as smoothly as possible. It reduces the risk of engine troubles and helps to ensure that the engine will continue to perform at its peak level. If the engine isn’t running well, neither does your car.

The computer systems that store and secure your company’s data are similar. They need to be updated regularly to ensure the systems’ security. If these systems are compromised, so is your company.

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Minimize the Risk of External Whistleblower Activity


External whistleblower activity can be very costly in the auto industry.

As the industry continues to develop, prevention of whistleblower claims will only grow in importance. It’s an issue that can impact every company within the industry, both foreign and domestic. Retaining employees is one method of minimizing the risk of whistleblowing. Compliance can also be an effective method.

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The Future of High Tech Patent Litigation in the Auto Industry

Intellectual Property

The rapid adoption of new technologies by the auto industry and the new players that provide them is going to have an impact on the world’s roads. It’s also bringing an increased focus on exploiting and protecting intellectual property.

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