Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Technologies


The innovation and capabilities of vehicle-to-infrastructure technologies are ever-expanding and on center stage in the automotive industry. Not to worry, Foley has got you covered. Did you miss the below post from September? 6 months later it is as timely as ever! Be sure to also see our most recent post on the U.S. Army Helping Develop Vehicle-to-Infrastructure and Autonomous Vehicle Technologies. Stay tuned to Dashboard Insights for Foley’s continual coverage of the growth of vehicle-to-infrastructure technology. Continue reading this entry

U.S. Army Helping Develop Vehicle-to-Infrastructure And Autonomous Vehicle Technologies

The list of everyday technologies pioneered or developed by the military before being adapted to civilian applications is a lengthy one: GPS, microwave ovens, jet engines, and radar are just some common examples.  Could autonomous cars and vehicle-to-infrastructure, or V2I, communications be some of the next technologies to get a boost from military research and development?

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EU Nations Extend Electric Car Rebates, Consider New Ones


While Europe has been the land of small diesels for decades, air quality concerns and consideration of fossil fuels’ impact on global warming has led EU nations to offer incentives to purchasers of electric vehicles. In recent weeks, the UK and Germany have announced further steps in that direction. Continue reading this entry

Top 2016 Litigation Issues Facing the Auto Supply Chain


Nobody likes a fight. Well, almost nobody. Trial lawyers, boxers, and MMA fighters might be the only ones. But, in business, the occasional fight is pretty much inevitable. What fights do we foresee for those in the auto industry in 2016? Well, we see the potential for some in the supply chain in one form or another. Specifically, the automotive industry is expected to see more force majeure events, product recalls, and warranty issues. It’ll be vital for the automotive supply chain to be ready for these and other issues, including continued volume fluctuation and the necessity for international dispute resolution. Continue reading this entry

2016 Automotive M&A Outlook


The automotive industry experienced extraordinarily high levels of deal activity in 2015. Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the sector are expected to remain strong in 2016, but deal volume and frequency may slightly taper off. Below is a summary of four key factors, taken from our recently published white paper on the subject, affecting automotive M&A activity, including increasing interest rates and international activity. Continue reading this entry