Trump Transition Team Taps Transportation Secretary


President-Elect Donald Trump has announced his pick to head the Department of Transportation: Elaine L. Chao. Ms. Chao is clearly a veteran of Washington: as the Secretary of Labor under George W. Bush, and a deputy transportation secretary under George H.W. Bush, she will bring Cabinet-level experience if confirmed to the position. That experience may come in handy, as the Department of Transportation is confronting new regulatory challenges from developing technologies (such as autonomous and networked vehicles), and as president-elect Trump has made it clear that he intends infrastructure development to be a goal of his administration. And even some Democrats, such as David Axelrod, a former advisor to President Obama, and Senator Chuck Schumer, have acknowledged her government service and indicated their respect for Ms. Chao. Continue reading this entry

NHTSA Regulates Cell Phones?


We here at the Dashboard are fond of writing about the ongoing evolution of the automotive industry into a technology industry. It seems that the folks at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have been watching the same evolution. Just last week, NHTSA released voluntary guidelines to address driver distraction. These guidelines, Visual-Manual NHTSA Driver Distraction Guidelines for Portable and Aftermarket Devices, seek to further reduce driver distraction, thus reducing traffic accidents and fatalities. Continue reading this entry

Happy Thanksgiving!


The Dashboard Insights team wishes you a happy holiday. We’re thankful for your continued support of our blog! We’ll be back to our regular posting next week. Have a great weekend!

More Auto Companies Bet on Car-Sharing


Auto companies around the world have announced partnerships with car-sharing companies, or created their own car-sharing platforms.

Toyota announced in October that it is investing in car-sharing service Getaround. Daimler launched a car sharing app called CROOVE, set to go live in Munich in December. General Motors partnered with Uber on its car-sharing program Maven (after investing in ride-sharing company Lyft). Audi is testing Audi Shared Fleet. BMW launched ReachNow in Seattle, Portland, and Brooklyn. Other automakers have likewise delved into the industry. Continue reading this entry

What Will Car Companies Look Like in the Future?


As we have written about before, what is an “automotive” company is changing. We have also written how companies like Uber, Lyft may disrupt the automotive industry. We have even considered what might be the focus of OEM’s going forward. But, we may be underselling just how disruptive things are within the industry. Morgan Stanley posits that private automobile ownership is on the verge of changing forever. The future is now according to Morgan Stanely, “a future of shared, fully electric, driverless cars on demand is closer to reality than it might appear.” Continue reading this entry