Charting Your Way Through Chrysler Group LLC's New Terms and Conditions


Chrysler Group LLC (Chrysler) issued new general terms and conditions (Terms) for production and Mopar purchasing that will apply to all purchase orders issued after December 1, 2014. The new Terms are not retroactive and apply only to the NAFTA region. The Terms include 41 provisions and reflect significant changes from prior iterations, especially with respect to identifying additional compliance and administrative obligations for suppliers. Continue reading this entry

Before Driverless Cars, Questions

Drive Forward: The Future of Telematics

Although it is unclear when autonomous vehicles will be hitting the roads, what is clear is that this technology is coming. Automakers to suppliers to lawmakers to insurers will want to carefully consider the following issues and their legal implications before consumers take this technology for a spin.

Telematics Data Privacy and Security

Telematics systems generate a lot of data, including location, direction, speed of travel, and so forth. And interest abounds in how that data can be used, such as for usage-based insurance programs and in crash-related investigations. With data comes concerns about privacy — how is data stored and for how long, who has access to it, and what constitutes consent for data collection? In November 2014, 19 automakers committed to a set of principles to protect data streamed or downloaded from onboard computers. This is a start, but further discussions will be needed as technology evolves. Continue reading this entry

Dash Cams – The Next Hot Gadget?


In recent years, event data recorders have been used by various safety organizations and administrative offices to capture information such as the speed of a vehicle or the use of a safety belt. All of this data was used by the office of vehicle safety to research and improve vehicle safety.

Although these cameras are advertised as being a safety feature that can help record accidents or even crimes, drivers are finding creative ways to use their dash cams. Now, these event data recorders, more commonly known on the road as “dash cams” are evolving into a gadget for consumers to use in their cars. Dash cams are becoming the talk of the town. As part of a push to promote the use of event dash cams, video sites have been created where consumers can post videos and pictures taken from their vehicles. Continue reading this entry

Open the Floodgates: "Reply All" Now Also Means "Easy Union Organizing"

OSHA Turns Its Sights on Auto Suppliers

Well we pretty much knew this day was coming. Your email system has just become a union’s most effective tool to organize your employees.

In May of this year, we predicted the National Labor Relations Board would overturn its 2007 Register Guard decision in which the Board determined, along political lines, that employees have no specific legal right to use employer email systems for non-business purposes such as union organizing. Since the ruling, Register Guard has stood as an important decision establishing an employer’s right to control its email system in a manner so as not to permit subversion of the system for union organizing purposes. Continue reading this entry

Senate Commerce Committee Approves Nomination of Mark Rosekind to Head NHTSA

Suppliers Get Ready For Your Recalls

The Senate Commerce Committee approved the nomination of Dr. Mark R. Rosekind, on December 9, 2014, to become the next Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Full approval by the Senate could come in the next several weeks. Rosekind would succeed David Strickland, who resigned as the NHTSA administrator in January of 2014. Continue reading this entry